Call for Tutorial Proposals

Proposal Deadline: May 20, 2023
Notification by: June 10, 2023

We are now open to receive proposals for short courses or tutorials at The International Conference on Computer Vision and Information Engineering (CVIE 2023) in Guiyang, China. The tutorials will be held prior to the main conference.

Tutorial topics should be of relevance and general interest to the computer vision community, and we encourage topics that are more established, and as well as newly emerging themes. A good tutorial is educational, in that it should

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of a specific topic of interest in computer vision;
  • Convey the fundamental theory or concepts underpinning the topic; and
  • Summarise relevant experimental or technological milestones (if available).

The typical tutorial audience not only includes graduate or undergraduate students in computer vision and information engineering, but also researchers and practitioners from academia and industry who are interested to learn about a new topic. Therefore, a good tutorial should also strive to be as self contained as possible.

We anticipate that each tutorial will be (1 to 1.5 hours), unless the proposal justifies the need for additional time, e.g., the topic or tutorial speakers will be able to command significant and widespread interest.

Proposals should be in PDF format and should include the following information:

  • Title of tutorial;
  • The names, titles, affiliations, emails, and bio sketches of the proposed tutorial speakers;
  • If requesting full-day tutorial, justification for the additional time;
  • Course description with list of topics to be covered, along with a brief outline and important details;
  • Expected number of attendees;
  • List of citations to relevant publications or other material by the organisers;
  • A description of how this proposal relates to tutorials/short courses appearing at other major computer vision conferences within the last three years;
  • Description of and/or links to any planned materials or resources to be distributed to attendees; and
  • Indicate your preference about time period to conduct your tutorial (we shall strive to include your preference, but kindly understand that it may not be possible to satisfy all constraints).

Proposals should be submitted by email to by May 20, 2023. Any questions should also be directed to the same email address.